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You are in the right place if you want material takeoff services from a certified and experienced team of engineers in the United States. Here is what you get in our construction estimating services.

Detailed Cost
estimation reports

Get 99% accurate cost estimation reports in the editable Excel sheet covering all the material,labor, and costs associated with the projects according to your requirements.

Digital Takeoff File

Get the list of the quantities required to complete the project. We use the latest software toprovide takeoffs, so there is no 1% chance of error.

24/7 consultancy of experts

CMQ Engineering believes in partnering with clients. We provide free consultancy for your projects. Our certified engineer will be in touch if you are facing any problems.

Free Revisions on Errors

There is no need to worry if there is any missing quantity, error, or even dissatisfaction with the work. We will provide free revision unless you are satisfied and secure a 95.5% chance of winning bids.

Material Takeoff Services

Material takeoff services To Increase profitability

Our team of engineers has been working in the construction industry for decades. We understand how to deal with complex projects when taking off material for the project according to the requirements. Our engineers will guide you throughout the project in buying materials and quantity required so there are no chances of overspending and make the project profitable by up to 25%. With the guidance and expertise of our engineers, you can ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. Additionally, our team will monitor your progress and provide feedback to ensure the project is completed to the highest standard. Get our material takeoff services today to enhance profitability.

We Work With

  • General Contractor
  • Subcontractor
  • Remodeling contractor
  • Structural Designing
  • Homebuilders
  • Developers

You are ignoring 1,000,000$ worth of projects

In the construction industry, it’s all about winning bids and making the project successful through effective planning. CMQ Engineering has identified a significant gap of millions of dollars of projects missed by contractors because they are engaged in other projects, and they have the potential to work on projects that can make them more ROI. We aim to help contractors win bids with our construction estimation services. If you want us to bid on your project, we also take responsibility for that. Keep your busy schedule from saving you millions to billions of dollars in projects. Hire our staff today and make the best choice for your construction business.

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Our Happy Clients

Are you Struggling to Win Bids?

Whenever you are looking to bid, you need to be highly precise regarding residential estimating services. CMQ Engineering is a contractor and has won bids on projects worth millions of worth. So we understand what are the problems contractors are facing while bidding. Our certified team of engineers will not only provide you with the estimation, but we will also provide bidding services. We will bid on your behalf and make it successful for you. Partner with us today to get the best cost estimation services.

What Our Client Says

I highly recommend CMQ Engineering for cost estimation and takeoff services. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the construction industry. They provided us with realistic and competitive estimates for our renovation project.

Jaiden Harrison

CMQ Engineering is a great company to work with for structural design. They delivered a high-quality design for our residential building that met all the codes and standards. They also communicated throughout the process and gave us helpful feedback

Wayne Goodwin

CMQ Engineering provided us with cost estimation and takeoff services for our industrial project, and they did an excellent job. They were very thorough and detailed in their analysis and calculations.

Jade Lee Mifsud

CMQ Engineering is the best company for cost estimation and takeoff services. They provided clear and detailed estimates and takeoffs for our mixed-use project. CMQ Engineering is a partner you can count on for cost estimation and takeoff.

Zara Mifsud

Our Material Takeoff Services Will Help You With

With decades of experience, we proudly say CMQ Engineering LLC provides one of the best construction takeoff services in the USA. Our material takeoff service will cover the following needs.

Precise Material takeoff services: At CMQ Engineering, we excel in the art of accurate material take-off. Our engineers possess an in-depth understanding of the requirements for your project, ensuring you purchase the suitable materials in the right quantities. This precision guarantees a streamlined construction process, reducing the risk of overspending and saving you valuable resources.

25% Expected Increased Profitability: Our primary objective for material takeoff services is to make your project both cost-efficient and significantly more profitable. By eliminating excess material costs and optimizing procurement, we help you realize up to a 25% increase in project profitability.

Cost Optimization: We provide recommendations for cost-effective material alternatives and sourcing options without compromising quality. Our construction takeoff services are designed to optimize the cost of your project.

Supplier Network:With an extensive network of trusted suppliers, we can connect you with reputable vendors, securing competitive prices and timely deliveries.

Sustainability Focus: We incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our material takeoff services, aligning your project with modern environmental standards.

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Project designing & management

Why Choose Us

Our team has decades of experience in the construction field, and we are here to provide you with trustworthy services for all your construction needs. We specialize in accurate construction estimating and the latest structural design to ensure the highest quality of work. Additionally, we can assist you in bidding on a project and ensure its success. Here are some factors that make our construction estimating services stand out.

99% precise Estimates: Getting accurate estimates is crucial for success in any project. Our team can help you achieve 99% accuracy, giving you the confidence to bid and complete projects successfully.

Quick Turnarounds: We understand time is vital in construction projects. We deliver your projects without compromising quality within 2 to 4 working days.

We use the latest technology: “We aim to utilize the best available tools in the market to design or estimate accurately.”

Instant and Free Quotes: We believe time is money in the construction business, so if you are looking for a quotation, submit your project plans and get an instant and free quote.

Our procedure


You Send Us Your Plans to Review

You can send them to [email protected] or upload them through our Dropbox if they are large files.

We Send you a Quote for the Project

Before starting, we’ll send you a detailed quote for our services. We look at things like size, difficulty, complexity, and bid date when determining pricing. Every project is unique so we take the time to review each project individually.

We Estimate and Send you Your Project

Our team will digitally takeoff the quantities for your project and prepare your entire bid for you. We use a highly accurate cost database that’s based on the zip code so the numbers will be extremely accurate and competitive.
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We Offer Nationwide Material Estimates Services

If you need help finding a cost estimation firm in your area, you’ll be pleased to know that CMQ Engineering offers construction estimating services throughout the United States and Canada. We use data from the Craftsman National Construction Estimator Database Suite, updated twice yearly. As a licensed construction firm, we also have decades of experience in the field, so you can trust us to manage the risk of overspending on your projects. We guarantee that your project will be completed on time and within budget while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so you can count on us to provide you with the construction takeoff services.

Our Services include

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is CMQ Engineering, and what do you do?

    CMQ Engineering is a company that provides construction estimating, takeoff, and structural design services for various construction projects. We help our clients plan, design, and execute their tasks with quality, efficiency, and accuracy

  • How do you provide material takeoff services?

    We use the latest software and technology to provide material takeoff services. We review your drawings and specifications and use digital takeoff tools to measure the quantities of each material. We then apply the current market prices and overheads to calculate the total cost of each material and the project as a whole.

  • Why do I need material takeoff services?

    Material takeoff services can help you save time and money by avoiding mistakes, delays, and disputes that may arise from inaccurate or incomplete estimates. They can also help you optimize your design, bid more competitively, and increase your profit margin.

  • What kind of projects do you work on?

    We work on various projects, such as residential, commercial, industrial, mixed-use, renovation, and more. We can handle any project size and complexity with professionalism and creativity.

  • How do you charge for your services?

    We offer affordable and customized packages that suit your budget and goals. You can choose from a variety of services that we provide, such as cost estimation, takeoff, structural design, and more. We also offer free consultation and quotes for your project. You can contact us to discuss your project details and requirements.

  • Where can you get our services?

    You can get our services all over the United States and Canada by submitting your project plans and drawings in PDF or any other format.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    We usually deliver our projects in 3 to 5 business days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. We will give you an estimated timeframe before we start working on your project. If you need your project done faster than 6 days, we can meet your deadline or charge a small fee to cover the extra work hours with a guaranteed date.

  • Where do you get data for pricing?

    Based on your project’s zip code, we obtain our pricing from Craftsman National Construction Estimator Database Suite, updated multiple times yearly. So, everything is correct in all of your estimates.

  • How do you send us your plans or drawings?

    Our process is simple: send us your project plans at email: [email protected] or drop your plans in the dropbox.

  • Why do I need material takeoff services?

    Material takeoff services can help you save time and money by avoiding mistakes, delays, and disputes that may arise from inaccurate or incomplete estimates. They can also help you optimize your design, bid more competitively, and increase your profit margin.

  • Does CMQ ENGINEERING LLC Have A Refund Policy?

    Yes, we have a full refund policy in case of errors in our estimation service, showcasing our commitment to accurate project planning.

  • What are construction takeoff services?

    Construction takeoff services is the process of measuring the type, quantity, and cost of materials needed for a construction project. It helps contractors and subcontractors to plan and budget their projects more accurately and efficiently.

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